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A big decision by ZOMATO today, that will surely affect the bloggers or passionate foodies a lot. Zomato just recently declared that “A person can only post 10 reviews from a single profile in one month”. This cap will definitely bring some changes to zomato’s reputation but its hard to say that it will result to something GOOD/BAD.


These hotel/restaurant owners hire people (dig agency) that help them balance the star rating (above 4.0).

I know few statements in this article can be wrong or disturbing but these are purely my views and i would love to know what you think.

SOURCE- http://blog.zomato.com/post/157190224886/with-great-power-comes-great-responsibility

Well keeping in mind the stats show an average Indian dines 2 times a week which is 8 times a month+ bonus 2 occasion makes it 10. This is what zomato would have considered to control the spamming of users just to increase LEVEL on zomato.

  • Zomato is not just a platform for food bloggers.
  • It has to be driven by real consumer.
  • For the general user nothing is wrong i guess.
  • Zomato might be loosing the authenticity of their platform.


Why this can be a good decision :

Foodies or one who are passionate about food and really have knowledge about cuisines will now get some extra marks for their efforts. Every reviewer will actually use their chance loyally to bring right views to its viewers

  1. No more biased reviews. Since their is a limit now people will understand how important their opinions are and again with a cap they will give honest opinions.
  2. Original users. people used to wrote about anything. on zomato, their lies many examples of reviews where there is nothing about food and just a big description about the ambiance. Which i believe is not “food blogging”.
  3. Those who have no knowledge about food & cuisines and were writing to just level up will now face major problem.
  4. Bloggers converted into their own platform of ranking. Because of which everything and every review was converting into a biased one or a fake one.

why this can be a mess

  1. Problem for people invested/owned position in food industry, as the only parameter (for original views) just went down.
  2. Zomato was one platform for food bloggers to work professionally.
  3. This may limit market of restaurants/lounge/outlet owners as people who wanted to review that place may have ended up all their “10 chances”.

How ever reducing the cap might not be a full proof solution. So Zomato is working upon improving algorithm (I.P. tracing) and more sophistication which will bring a full proof solution to these issues.
And hell yeah we will see genuine reviews about a restaurant.
Exactly bloggers (actually under Pressure of PR and owners) they have to give biased review and according to me ethics of blogging is suffering. Ethics are suffering because of biased reviews, bloggers think if they are getting something they have to write good things even if its bad in every way. So i would say no one forces, their own thinking do

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