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The hottest DESIGN, selling smartphone in India are from the range of 10000 – 16000, be it the middle class who buys them or the college going teenagers.

Two smartphones from different brands one J7 -6 (2016 edition) from Samsung (the leading smartphone company) and the other Lenovo vibe k4 note.
Samsung has released it day before yesterday at tagmata CP, New Delhi.

The Lenovo has launched many smartphones earlier in India which have received great appreciation from their users.

Let’s find find out who wins the battle of the 2.


Display – 

Lenovo k4 note – 4.5 /5
Samsung J7 – S – 3.5/5

If we talk about numbers the J7 has a screen resolution of (1280 x 720 pixels) and the Lenovo k4 note has a much higher resolution of (1080×1920) pixels and 401 PPI which is great for a smartphone at this range. The Lenovo also has advantage of gorilla glass 3 which is missing on the new j7 -s. As far as the clarity is concerned the Lenovo has crisp image than the latter. Moreover both the smartphone have a 5.5 inch screen size which is adequate for watching movies or playing games. The J7-s misses on the multi touch feature too which should be standard at least on a phone at this price.
The J7-s offers super amole screen whereas the k4 note offers IPS LCD screen

lenovo-a7010 samsung-launches-galaxy-j7-2016-and-galaxy-j5-2016

Design – 

Lenovo k4 note – 4/5
Samsung J7-s – 4/5

In terms of design the J7-s offers a premium feel with its metallic design back panel which will appeal people of age group 23+ , whereas the k4 note offers rubber finish on the back which will appeal mostly youngsters . The Lenovo feels sturdy to hold. The Samsung feels little bit slippery due to its smooth finish. Samsung has preferred to stick with its old school design, there is chrome plating on the edges of the phone and iPhone 6 feel at the bottom with 2 lines. On the left side volume rocker buttons are offered and on the right power button is there in J7-s. In Lenovo brushed silver finish is there on the edges and bottom and both power and volume rockers are present on same side.

The sim slots are under the back panel in both the smart phones.

Battery –
Lenovo k4 note – 3.5 /5
Samsung J7-s – 4/5

In the battery section the Samsung has a clear advantage of removable battery which acts as a plus point for J7-s because it is difficult for few to reset their phones in case required. J7-s provide a talk time of 21 hrs. On 3g whereas the Lenovo provides 18 hrs. On 3g and Lenovo here has non removable battery which might be an issue for some. Despite being 3300 mah on Lenovo and 3100 mah on Samsung it is J7-s which performs better.

K4 J7


Lenovo k4 note – 3.5/5
Samsung J7-s – 4/5

Both the smartphone k4 and J7-s have same configuration of camera 13mp primary and 5 MP secondary camera. Quality of Samsung is better and features which it offers in camera like CMOS, auto focus, beauty face, continue shot, interval shot, panorama, sports mode, sound and shoot, zoom support and many others makes it more versatile and useful.
J7-s offers flash with secondary camera also which is missing in the k4 note which is useful at night for taking selflies. Lenovo k4 note has dual tone flash which is missing in j7.

Performance –

Lenovo k4 note- 4/5
Samsung J7-s – 4.5/5

J7-s offers 1.6 GHz+ exons (7870) octa core processor and graphics of arm Mali – T830 Mpi whereas the k4 note offers 1.3 GHz cortex A-53 process and graphics of arm Mali- T720. Lenovo k4 note offers 3 GB RAM whereas the Samsung J7-s offers a mere 2gb RAM that means slow rate of playing games and more time in loading content


Features –

Samsung J7-s – 4/5
Lenovo k4 note – 3.5/5

Samsung’s smartphone offers a lot more features than the Lenovo fort example s bike mode, ups, uds, call memory, NFC, DLNA. Moreover Samsung is up to date with the Android version 6 the marshmallow whereas the Lenovo runs on lollipop as stock

(Special mention)

S bike mode exclusive to Samsung in which you can take calls or avoid them according to your requirement while riding a 2 wheeler. Samsung’s great initiative to reduce no. Of accidents worldwide


Verdict –

Lenovo k4 note – 4/5
Samsung J7-s – 4.5 /5

If you want a smart phone with your safety as you ride bike the most then look no further than the Samsung J7-s and want a phone to give you the premium feel then it makes a good choice but keeping in mind that it is 4,000 bucks costlier than the Lenovo k4 note . Lenovo also offered specific features such as fingerprint sensor and dual tone flash which will be useful for teenagers as it can act as style quotient.

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