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THE RESET – casual cafe to fine dine

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We were here for THE RESET new terrace launch. Let me just tell you how amazing their terrace was. A two leveled open dining area. With elegant wooden ambiance and couches. In day light this area will allow you to take lovely photos. They promise that this area turns even better in evening.

Talking about food they serve only VEG, but dont feel low. THE RESET serves amazing and wide range of veg dishes. Few dishes are so good that you may have never thought about.


1. palak patta chaat – you may have never thought that palak leaves can be so good. This is highly recommended if you are here. This is unique dish at THE RESET.
2. Kamal kakdi chaat – who can think that “bhheh” can taste so good. Topped with bhel that adds to flavour of dish
3. Gujratti upang das – veggie version of gujjiya. Filled with peas, aloo, cabbage and onion. Again this was unique and tasted quite good
4. Malai soya chap – so juicy and filled with cream. Perfectly cooked and soft to eat. The thing i loved in this dish was that special chocolatey topping i went so well with chaps that you just can’t resisto lick off your fingers


1. mushroom soup – thick and smooth, served with fried garlic bread. This should be in list to try at THE RESET.
2. Curry laksa – melasiyan noodles soup, didn’t liked much personally.

MAIN COURSE (portion was great)

1. Daal makhni – thick and yummy. Nothing different tasted good and can be preferred.
2. Naan – they were bit uncooked but portion size was great.
3. Kashmiri pulao – Filled with dry fruits and as authentic as kashmiri pulao should be. Sweet and tangy
4. Pineapple raita- simply loved this. Thick curd with sweet pineapple pieces.


1. Oreo shake – presentation was impressive but shake was not thick as it should be. Missed oreo crumps in the shake
2. Blueberry cheese cake- trust me this was the best dish/cheese cake they serve. I mean this was my best experience with cheese cake. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

BLUEBERRY CHEESE CAKE jaroor khanna please.


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