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So you may remember those fairs and fetes – merry go round, cotton candies, bursting balloons with the rifle and many more things that you enjoyed as a kid IN YOUR TIMES. Times have changed and the new generation is looking for something that can suit their trends and fashion. Even though Gurgaon has no short of good eating joints, but it hardly has places where Gurgaonites can go out with family and entertain themselves in an outdoor activity. To enjoy in gurgaon one can only think of going to some fancy restaurants or ambience, SMAAASH brings you a wide variety of indoor games to play from and that to with totally new concept. Here you can se virtual world meeting reality and makes it possible for you to have unforgottable experieces. Getting to this place is quite easy @cyberhub.

Parasailing experience Located behind Starbucks at Cyberhub and at Noida mail of India sec 18. occupying the entire ground floor of a building (whopping 47000 sq ft approx) and a top floor at Noida. Smaaash is a perfect place to plan out a day with your family, a fun day with your lover, a party on your bday, or just to make any boring day to memories. It boasts of many virtual reality interactive games and rides that will keep everyone occupied without anyone catching up on facebook or whatsapp on their mobiles. We bet you will forget about checking your smartphones and will click a lot of pictures:

A brief description of games they offer is here:

SMAAASH CRICKET: We know its hot outside and you love to play cricket, no worries smaaash brings you a new way of playing cricket. Here you can face fast bowlers and show your skills by hitting those 4s and 6s. Here is your opportunity to face Wasim’s toe-crushing yorkers, Shane Warne googlies or Tendulka’s spin. Just decided your level between beginner to a pro and a machine will bowl you the same pitch, ball and motion as by your favorite cricketer. one of your family members will also get a mic and can play the commentator. Try to beat the field and experience what it’s like to play inside a packed stadium

FINGER COASTER: cant afford to be at world’s no.1 roller coster, smaaash brings you a amazing experience of virtual reality roller coster which jiggles your senses and tickles your stomach and you stand with a amazed up looks in fiery. Yes, so is the experience here. There is a screen where you can draw how your ride on a roller coaster should look like. You can make it very-very steep or you can make it take you round and round in circles- all goes to your imagination. Just grab your seat pick you VR and go on a 3D enviroment roller coster ride.

FOOTBALL: You are playing against a robotic player who is quick in saving a goal. If you can beat the goalkeeper in six consecutive hits, you can even win the Harley bike that is kept inside Smaaash. But trust me its really diffcult to beat that goal keeper, he is master of his trick.

WALK THE PLANK: it simulates walking on a plank between two very tall buildings. And if you fall off the plank, you will get a feel of falling off a building. In mid there are dragons who attack you and a shaking plank on which you walk over 400ft building and gives you a amazing experience.

F1 STIMULATOR: While you may never get to ride on the real F1 car, you can feel that advenure of riding a F1 here. The motion based movements of car itself makes you feel like you are in real race. So smoozch on which smaaash.

BOWLING: there are many bowling allays around the place, this one is also no special but adds to the fun you will be having here. The UV light lit alleys with your personal scoreboards. Its fun to compete with your friends here and they have special prices on reaching marked scores.

VULCAN FORCE: wanna fight those wars and attack army from a helicopter. Smaaash offers a amazing virtual reality machine and sends you to a battle field where you can attack by a machine gun.

FLYMAX: Get ready to spread your wings and have an aerial delight like never before! Adding a whole new dimension to virtual reality, FlyMax uses the Virtual Reality technology to let you experience the thrill of extreme hang gliding. Giving you a life-like experience of flying, FlyMax will surely leave you asking for more!

FACE RONALDO: you may have watched the game and got goosebumps while the player stands in his trademark style. Come here and face him from front, you will be showing your goal keeping skills directly to legend and has to defend his goal.

NITRO WHEELIE: get on you bike and ride through that dirt and a messy locality with full vroom. You will be riding a hyosung bike and a big screen will take you in the game.

WAR ON WHEELS: you must have played zombie kill on your phones. Here you can get into driver seat with your friend having a gun and shooting zombies.

And theres a lot more in total there are more than 25 games to spend 6-7 hours enjoying a ultimate adventure.

FOR drinks and beverages here there are separate café and drinking area sevring alcoholics and non-veg items too. The food here is also amazing and serves a large variety of cuisines.

So next time when you will be getting bored and want to have some out of the box experience try this place and you will have lot many memories.




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