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Located at : 1st Floor, C-4, SDA Market, SDA, New Delhi

At the entrance, you see a half scooter hung on the wall. As you enter the place you would feel this place makes you feel like you are in some retro-cafe. Those swinging seats, U-shaped tables for big gang and beautiful lit ambiance. they have many small elements that adds up to their theme. Basically, the theme at scooter on the wall is a fusion of retro looks and fictional characters (books, TVs, actors). you would feel very cozy and the tables are arranged such that you and your company feel that you have an isolated corner and can laugh all the way loud.

As soon you enter this place any guy will surely be there to attend you and would direct you to your table. The staff is quite polite and serves with a dedicated and smiling face. They are always just a call away and will always suggest you the best for your mood.


Though we had basically starters and the most lovely thing is their portion size they serve. At the scooter on the wall presentation of any dish is outstanding and they prepare the dish with full dedication. Rather it be shakes or paneer tikkas everything was served beautifully and delicious. Shakes are the most recommended thing here, they are huge and yum.


  • Potato wedges – sliced potato strips, spicy.
  • tandoori chicken nachos – loaded with cheese, crisp nachos, long sliced chicken pieces.(recommended)
  • honey chilly potato – nicely cooked (perfectly spiced), crisp, heavy potion.
  • butter chicken kulcha – stuffed kulchas with juicy, saucy, and yum dense butter chicken.
  • Fish fingers – long crisp, juicy, soft fish fried served with mayo dip and again (recommended)
  • momos – heavily filled, great sized and served with schezwan and mayo.
  • meat toast pizza – cheesy and fishy 😛 ( fish pizza with Margherita topping)
  • chicken burger – extra big burger filled with sauces and too juicy.

SHAKES (recommended ones)

  • scooter shake
  • Salman Khan shake (must have)
  • million dollar shake
  • kit kat shake

Scooter on the wall, This place is ideal for a romantic date or casual gang-fun. The place is calm and has positive vibes. Food is great and service is swift.

FOOD                                9/10

SERVICE                          8/10

AMBIANCE                      8/10


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