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Samsung India launched a new series of its televisions for the year 2016. A total of 44 new televisions has been added to the Samsung India portfolio.
To set the sales chart on fire these smart televisions have been added  to Samsung’s portfolio and a target of 1 million sales is set by the Vice president of sales of Samsung India (Mr. Rajeev Bhutani ). Moreover 11 new technologies have been included in all the 44 televisions which are quite unique in every aspect.
What surprised us though, is the fact that they started the range of these smart televisions from 1.6 lakhs for the cheapest version and goes all the way up to a whooping price of 24 lakhs and this is no means a television for the office going  people, they are only meant for the class who do not have to think about their bank abalance even once.

These smart televisions are launched with 11 features  which includes:

Quantum Dot Color –  This feature is introduced which means that the size of one color crystal will be equal to 3 nanometers , which states that high color or should I say actual colors of objects can be seen.

HDR 1000 – HDR stands for high dynamic range which is equal to 0.3 nits to 100 nits for our normal televisions and in Samsung smart televisions it is 1000 nits that means higher clarity and you can capture every detail.

Bezel less curved design – No boundaries for your television with ultra slim design.

Customisable user interface- now you can arrange your favourites in a priority list.

Auto device detection and one remote – You can operate your television from a single remote and the television recognises the devices attached to it and functions respectively as per need.

Convergence Across platforms

2-way Bluetooth streaming – Songs can be directly played from your smartphone in the television

Cric -o- mania app – An app for cricket lover specially designed by Samsung for their cricket fans out there

Smart view app – In this app you can connect , share all your photos and files with your television and it supports all platforms

Virus free TV with extendable memory

Integrated sound station.


A TV full of innovation and stands true to its slogan , innovation beyond imagination and same is the case with its price tag too . Though being feature filled and has lot of offer but still it cannot justify its hefty price tag




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