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You might have been playing those games where you have to solve a murderer mystery or get to cross some missions by clues. What if those games come to real life. Yes, this is amazing a totally new concept where where you can have a unforgettable experience with family friend or special one. Got a GANG this place is must visit for you. Welcome to mystery rooms.

Address: B- 7/9  Rajouri Garden Ring Road New Delhi-110027

The minute one enters into the spot you will feel that what will we do here. Trust me just all you have to do is choose a right mission and you never forget that 1 hour if your life. As you enter you will see a reception and waiting area where you can also play snooker pool while you get bored.
Here you will be asked for a mission you wished to solve. Missions are described below. You are explained about the theme and details of the mission. Then you are left in a room with a whole setup. Then there you will find clues, riddles, locks, etc. to solve and het out of the room. The winners are rewarded.

The Hurt Locker:

Go through a real adrenaline rush while you defuse the bomb or the bomb blasts in one hour.
In this mystery rooms, a theme has been setted where bomb is planted In room. You and your team enters the room, solve and find the clues and riddles. Go through a real adrenaline rush while you defuse the bomb or the bomb blasts in one hour.


In this mystery rooms you have to Rescue your member who has been kidnap by terrorists. Under high pressure and tension work with your presence of mind until those terrorist cone back and attack you all.

Cabin In The Woods:

The most scary mystery rooms of this place. While your team is left in a dark room with 3 torches and you all have to search for a murderer in that dark village.
If you are unable to solve the mystery in time then someone comes to escape you all but ONE MEMBER IS LESS when you comes out. SCARY!!!!


Show a real piece of mind by breaking a jail. You are given a time of one hour while jailer is out for some work. Now find all those clues break locks and find a way to get out. Show your fitness in this mystery rooms while your hands are cuffed.
The Place Also Renders A Pool Table & Cafeteria Such You Don’t Feel Hungry & Bored While Waiting For Your Turn To Play.

For Real Life Escape Experiences This Is A Place To Visit With Family & Friends.

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