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Beer is the world’s most widely consumed and probably the oldest Alcoholic beverage; it is the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea. The production of beer is called brewing, which involves the fermentation of starches, mainly derived from cereal grains—most commonly malted barley, although wheat, maize (corn), and rice are widely used.

beer types

  • Ales


Ales are fuller-bodied, with a pleasantly hoppy finish, brewed with top fermenting yeast at cellar temperature. Generally robust and complex with a variety of fruit and malt aromas, ales come in many varieties.

They darker than lagers, ranging from rich gold to reddish amber. Top fermenting, and more hops in the wort gives these beers a distinctive fruitfulness, acidity and pleasantly bitter seasoning. Ales have a more assertive, individual personality than lager, though their alcoholic strength is the same.


  • Lagers


Lager originated from the German word lagern which means ‘to store’and it refers to the method of storing it for several months in near-freezing temperatures. Crisp and refreshing with a smooth finish from longer aging, lagers are the world’s most popular beer (this includes pilsners).

A lager is usually used to describe bottom-fermented brews, which can range from sweet to bitter and pale to black. Most of them, however, are a pale to medium colour and a medium to high hop flavour.


  • Stouts & Porters


There’s very little distinction between a Porter and a Stout, but they do have their differences.

Porter is a dark, almost black, fruity-dry, top fermenting style. An ale, porter is brewed with a combination of roasted malt to impart flavour, colour and aroma. Stout is also a black, roast brew made by top fermentation.

Stout, not as sweet to the taste, features a rich, creamy head and is flavoured and coloured by barley. Stouts often use a portion of unmalted and roasted barley to develop a dark, coffee-like character.


  • Fruit


Most fruit beers are ales however, they typically do not carry an ale character. In order to allow for the fruit flavor to come through nicely, the malt’s flavor is not dominant and there is a low bitterness level to the beer.


  • Pilsner


It is made with neutral and hard water and usually golden in colour with a dry, crisp, and somewhat bitter flavour. Pilsner stands out from other lagers due to its more distinctive hop taste.


  • Strong


This is a broad grouping that can describe any beer over 7% ABV. Strong beers are usualy dark in colour.


  • Wheat


Light and easy to drink with very little aftertaste, this craft beer is favourite of many. Wheat provides a soft character to beer and is sometimes hazy or cloudy with a touch of spice notes.

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