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Recently a new song “FASHION” released by guru randhawa  gained a huge popularity and 41,62,000 views over youtube. GURU had a bloggers meet at THE JUNKYARD CAFÉ, CP. He shared his idea behind the song. He said:

“Fashion is not what brands make, fashions is what people love to be. It is how brands design the trends. People who are creative with clothes and the way they carry them makes them fashionable. Brands do not make a person looks good the originality of person make shim look good. The song is also influenced by fashion bloggers who actually shows the creativity and bring brands to real world”

After completing High School, Guru Randhawa moved to Delhi to pursue his passion for music. To advance in the business of entertainment, he joined IIPM college and finished his MBA. Guru has launched his debut album PAGE ONE on 17th, Nov 2013. His first song ‘Chadd gayi’ was launched as a single.

  • Occupation : Singer,Songwriter
  • O.B : August 30, 1991
  • Age : 26 years old
  • Birthplace : Noorpur, Punjab
  • Height : 5 feet 9 inch Approx
  • Weight : 78 kg approx
  • Parents :Unknown
  • Brother : Ramneek
  • First Album Debut : Page One
  • Email :
  • Source/Facebook
  • Twitter :com/guruofficial?lang=en


Known for his popular “Same Girl” music video, his debut single “Chadd Gayi,” his song “I Like You,” and his album Page One, this Indian singer received the Best Debut Male honor at the 2014 PTC Punjabi Music Awards.


While pursuing his music career, he earned a business degree from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM).


He has earned over 20,000 Twitter followers and more than 750,000 Instagram followers.


He grew up in Punjab, India, and later settled in Delhi. He has a brother named Ramneek.

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