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So, you get attracted by the name. And so, you decide to check-out the place and its menu. Maybe just to see, how much resemblance the legend has on the menu of the place. Garam Dharam is trip down the memory lane for hardcore Dharmendra fans. And while discussions at every second table reminisce the good old days and movies of the superstar, chances are you will find your favourite dish and topic too. you may feel the prices are too high


the ambience is something that will appeal to your senses, the moment you step in. Well-lit, dotted with knick-knacks to complete the dhaba feel and overall, a big compliment to the superstar, Dharmendra. Place is vibrant n colourful with seating arrangements on 2 levels. Has a charming ambience and the service is super nice. It gets packed at nights n getting a table takes a few mins. You can see the pictures of dharmendra all around the walls and the old songs of his movies. The traditional look of dhabha and theka.



They serve food in the authentic thalis n brass glasses. Even the food is served in cute pan kind of utensils. The iced teas were served in quarter sized bottles which was again quite eye catching

  • Veeru ki Ghutti, has a nice sandalwood flavour. Refreshing, different and above all
  • Parimal’s Paan Gulabo as the name suggests is a paan flavoured mocktail, recommended only for those with a taste for the desi-post meal-must have.
  • Pyaare Mohan, though has a lovable name but failed to impress me much
  • watermelon Lassi Keeping all the elements of a classic lassi intact, it has a soothing undertone of watermelon flavour. Super tasty
  • Kakori Kebabs, Soft, melt in mouth and tasted even better with the parantha.
  • Dhaba Murg Tikka With a hint of charcoal flavour, in its every bite, it was a marked deviation from the usual.
  • Fish Tikka I won’t try this again.
  • Balti Meat is synonymous to Garam Dharam. This signature dish boasts of tender chunks of lamb in a mildly spiced gravy.
  • The butter chicken wasn’t something that I would remember for a long time
  • Sarso ka Saag the show stopper this version surely finds a place amongst the best versions of the dish I had till date.



According to my experience, the staff was not courteous they would simply take your order and serve you. Nothing special in services. Even the service is bit slow and they take time to bring the food to your table.


A complete family dining restauramt with a Garam- Dharam theme. Will give you a glimpse of dharam pajjis life and movies. Compromising with services, food is amazing and drinks are worthy. but quite heavy on your pocket



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