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Android is a widely used platform and mostly all mobile phones are based on it .Today we spend most of our time with our smartphones, so for all the gamer’s their smartphone is a break through their routine and a quick adventure. Sometimes we have problems for network or we do not wish to spend our data packs on games .

So here is the list of most amazing games you can play in your Android devices under 100 MB :-

Asphalt nitro

Plot of game :-

Based on heavy version asphalt 8 airborne which is a car game with amazing graphics and good controls  A game with 200 cars to unlock and lots of various scenic places around the world
Size :- 39 MB approx

Ratings on Google play  :- 4.5 /5 on Google play
asphalt 8 game

Alto’s adventure

Game’s plot –

A new game and a new theme where a snow boarder catches it’s llama (an animal found in snowy region ) and continues its endless run to catch them and a quest to complete all the missions which are themselves a big challenge.
Size – 54.5 MB

Rating on Google play – 4/5
alto game

2player reactor

Game’s plot –

A new idea in gaming where 2 players compete against each other a series in which you have to tap first and finally the one who has greater score wins the game. Moreover it completely focuses on improving concentration and providing general knowledge with the help of various modes
Size – 15.4 mb

Ratings on Google play store – 3.5/5

Tanks 90 HD

Game’s plot –

The game is based on tanks which we used to play in video games in our childhood , an exact copy where you get all the experience and get to remember your Childhood memories and responsive controls. It also connects to LAN or Bluetooth so that 2 person can play together

Size – 18 MB

Ratings on Google play – 3.8 /5

tanks 90 hd

Infiniti loop

Game’s plot –

A series of designs to form jumbled up patterns into meaningful designs and in minimal time

Size – 14 mb

Ratings on play store – 4/5

infinity infiniti

Mini militia

Game’s plot –

A multi-player game in offline mode in which up to 8 players can play at a time and the one who has the maximum score at the end wins the game. The game is available in single player mode too and you can end up spending hours on this game

Size – 88 MB

Rating on play store – 4.8/5

download (2) images (2) images


Game’s plot –

A boy who runs for his life and uses simple laws of physics to survive in a dangerous place. The first game to be manufactured by Apple and also a great hit among  mystery game likers

Size – 90 MB

Rating on Google play –  4.5 /5

images (6)

Smash hit

Game’s plot –

You are given a set of balls to break glasses for your survival and everytime you hit a glass you lose 3 balls and whenever you run it off balls, you lose the game start again from starting. For saving features one has to buy premium package

Size – 45 MB

Ratings on play store – 4.5/5

hit smash

All of these are the games for innovation seekers who find new games every week or so  for more games wait till the next edition till then enjoy all of them and have fun

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