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So the different name is same is the concept. The name being quite interesting. The second outlet in CP and the first one in cyber hub, Gurgaon. The FArZI serves uniquely and in different style they have Farzi setup of everything. The ambience is pretty decent and the décor suits the basic idea of the place.

The place has a very a big menu and a wide scope to choose from. The names were pretty interesting (as said FARZI). Loved the interiors and the entire concept of this place.


This place is known for its rustic interiors and so designed copy of everything. The dimly lit warm surrounding with soothing music add to your happiness of being here. The uniquely decorated walls, sofa designs, cutlery material. They have everything new. As you enter from a small gate you see a bar on the side and then seating area.


A nice place- very courteous crew to welcome us, guided us to our seat. The items in the Menu do not have description but its better as its brings a surprise with u! The DJ added to the Masti mood. The crew suggested basis our preferences, enquired at regular intervals on our comfort. Service is quick and efficient, but I was told that they are slow, might be some odd situation. The guys working here are smart and good looking though


The best part is the presentation food. You can’t resist to take photos of the way food is served here. The food items we tried were unique, we were explained what we were eating. The food I thought was brilliantly served especially the plating. It didn’t disappoint my taste buds either. Very interesting Menu, everything with a twist.

Everything had great flavors, the portions were small though. They serve LITTERALY smoking hot food
BOMBAY BHEL was great and really nice. The way it was presented and served in a prim and proper manner made it all the more interesting.
GUPTA BURGER: I was asked to have them, but didn’t found anything new. It was same with the same old style and spices.
VADA PAO: after being suggested by the staff itself. We found this dish OK OK. The portion was less than you are being charged
DAL-CHAWAL CUTLETS: these were something different and way better that vada PAO. They were cutlets made up of dal chawal, nice in taste. A more of an Indian thing being modified and being presented in the form of cutlets.
CHOCOLATE DIRT PILE : was another gazing dessert which consisting of chocolate mud along with strawberries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream along with chocolate sauce being poured from the top !

DRINKS: they don’t have that much variety of cocktails but what they serve they are great in it PINA COLADA (PERSONAL FAV.), 007 MARTINI, SANTA BANTA.


A café with different ambiance and concept. Some dishes are must and ideal place for a date due to privacy and dim lighting. Drinkers and hookah lovers must give this place a try. Ok a bit load on your pocket but worth giving a try.


PRICE                                       5/10

FOOD                                        7/10

AMBIANCE                             9/10

SERVICE                                  9/10



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