DUNKIN DONUTS – grab a treat only at ₹49

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So, the Dunkin Donuts is back with a bang!!! They have just introduced a more tempting range of donuts called Classic donuts. They are so amazing to make anyone drool & you will be amazed to know that this monsoon, you can grab these at just Rs 49. Dunkin Donuts is here to provide some of the best flavours of donuts without putting extra load on your pocket.

  1. Choco Frosted

It was really tempting and I bet you can’t just resist yourself from having this. That evil idea of covering a Donut-top with chocolate will make your soul demand the sweet treat. It gets even better – you get them for just Rs.49.

chocolate donut

  1. Jelly Filled

Just imagine a bite where your mouth would get filled up with an ocean of strawberry flavoured jelly and your taste-buds are treated to awesomeness. Yeah, I know you are just about to have FOODGASM, just thinking about all this. So here Dunkin Donut presents Jelly Filled Donut for your sweet tooth.

jelly donut

  1. Classic Glazed

How can I comment over a classic!! Well, this donut will surely take you back to basics and will let you enjoy the original American donuts. This donut revives your love for Donuts and will force you to have another one.

classic donut

  1. Cutie Fruity

Just a look at this donut – and you will fall for its cuteness. And to top of it, you are bound to be bowled over by the amazing taste. This donut is covered with white chocolate and decorated with multi coloured lines. If looks could kill- this is that one donut.

fruity donut

  1. Cinnamon

What if I would say that a soft silky Donut can be bit spicy and be topped by some cinnamon flavour, yes you heard it right. This one was unique and amazing.

spicy donut

Grab your treat fast and just DUNK-IN-DONUTS with this steal deal of just Rs.49 for each donut. Get your gang, make your date sweeter, bring home this pack of 6 for your family, surprise your sister or just satisfy your sweet tooth with DUNKIN DONUTS.

dunkin donuts

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