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A laptop for a student definitely has a whole different set of requirements than a laptop for a casual user.

A student laptop has a bunch of different usage scenarios and has to be the most dynamic too.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you’re buying a laptop for studies.

Keep it portable

A student laptop has to be portable and light, as he/she is going to carry this around in different classes and the last thing you want a student to get is exhausted while he enters the classroom.

So, while picking a machine make sure it doesn’t exceed 14-inches of display size. 14-inches is adequate for multitasking as well as media consumption when not studying. Also make sure that the laptop doesn’t exceed 2 kilograms in weight.


Now hardware choice totally depends on the tasks/classes you’re taking. If you’re just going to be taking notes on your laptop, and browsing the web, a Core i3 processor paired with 4GB of RAM should do the trick for you.

However if you’re getting into 3D content creation or designing, then you might need to look into more beefier specs, such as a Core i5 or an i7 with at least 8GB of RAM. Moreover you’ll also need to look into additional GPU’s with al least 2GB of video memory to keep things smooth.

One thing to make sure is that always pick the latest hardware, as you want it to perform best for years to come and not get outdated too soon.

Operating Systems

This is yet another integral part of any laptop, the OS. You can pick between Windows 10 and Mac OS.

If you’re planning to work on word processors or presentations, or simply browsing the web, a Windows 10 machine makes a lot more sense, as they’re not only versatile, but also productive with a plethora of apps to choose from. Also they’d be lot cheaper than a Mac OS machine.

Mac OS machine is recommended for students getting into arts, video/photo editing etc. Not only Mac machines pack the punch to handle power hungry apps, but it is also very well optimised for such tasks.

Battery life

This is definitely one of the most important elements while picking a decent machine. Make sure that it is able to deliver at least 8 hours of battery usage. Anything above 8 hours is pure gold. The last thing you want while jotting down literature notes is a power socket for you charging brick. Also while choosing the machine make sure it comes with removable battery, so if a battery goes down, you can purchase spares for it and don’t lose on your productivity.

Get the best deals

Student laptops always comes bundled with a bunch of deals to lure customers. In India, Reliance Digital retail chain stores are known to pack good deals on their student laptops.

These deals can include goodies like a free backpack, or discounts on accessories and softwares etc. Lookout for such cool deals as they’ll help you get your money’s worth.

We hope these tips help you pick an amazing machine for your studies. Have a fun year ahead. Study hard, play harder

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