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Like in Android and iOS there is a stiff competition and a fight going in your mind whether to buy a flagship Android or an iPhone 6, same is the case while buying a laptop  same thing goes whether to buy a high end windows laptop or an Apple MacBook air, today we explain what you should buy according to your requirements.


  • If you want amazing looks go for it as Apple basically works on how their product looks.
  • Exclusivity is the thing which you prefer the most , or want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Better customer support is what you prefer in changing the device whenever it is faulty they instantly replace the product of its under warranty.
  • Mac’s are more safer and less prone to malware and viruses as they are lesser in no. As compared to Windows and die to this this have less attackers.
  • Mac stands for Macintosh and refers to any computer manufactured by Apple.
  • Mac air costs around 900 dollars which is much expensive than the latter.
  • Mac books are not made for gamers although lots of applications have been included in app store but they are far less than windows.
  • They are available in multilingual languages.
  • OS X Yosemite is what Mac works on.
  • Mac can operate on Windows for 100% compatability.
  • Intel microprocessors are used in Mac’s.
  • Macs attract designers , tech journalists , app developers , music developers etc..
  • Repairs of Mac are costly.
  • Interface might be a problem for first time users or for those who are shifting from Windows to Mac.
  • Lagging and hanging is not a problem.


  • Windows are having versatile usage from gaming to designing , everything can be done.
  • Windows is made by Microsoft.
  • Windows based laptops and PCs are about 40% cheaper.
  • Hardware specs are way higher than Macs with large display screens and other things-.
  • Several companies make windows based laptopsAnd PCs.
  • Gaming is not a problem In windows and can be heavily customized.
  • Latest operating system of Windows is Windows 10.1.
  • Windows have wide reach in all areas basically due to its versatility.
  • Being popular choice among users it has high no. Of virus risks.
  • An antivirus is a must have have on Windows.
  • Windows laptops and PCs are overclockable which is missing on Mac.


  • For better convenience a short description has been provided below to help you better to choose , but according to my opinion windows should be chosen if you are hardcore gamer , or opt for Macs if you don’t have high usage of it except in buisness meetings and presentations



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