​Top 5 best Female wrestlers of WrestleMania

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WrestleMania being one of the favorite indoor sports on television has come up with variety of matches ever since 1985; they were erratic with their matches and tag teams. WrestleMania has always offered more than expectation to their fans. Women wrestling are one of them; it is the best when it comes to WrestleMania. Here is the list of top 5 woman wrestlers of WrestleMania, who won diva awards, were cover girls of top magazines and played WrestleMania like a pro.
Nia Jax– Born in the year 1984, an American model and a body builder, prominently known for her ring name Nia Jax. Nia has won the triple threat match and was the best contender at Asuka’s NXT championship. In the 206 WWE’s Brand extension draft, Nia established herself well as the future power player in the Women’s division. Nia is expected to have some real blast matches in the WrestleMania 33 2017.At the Clash of Championship, Jay was defeated the Fox.

Niki bella – Niki bella who recently won everyone’s hearts and is rumored to retire after the WrestleMania 33, she has won the Woman’s Championship for the first ever time in 2012. Niki is recognized all over WrestleMania world for holding her title so long. She has won N number of awards including the Slammy award for Diva of the year and was ranked as no 1 in Pro wrestling illustrated Female 50 in the year 2015.

Gail Kim– Irvine – Born in the year 1977, she is an actress and a professional wrestler. Gail Kim is all time of the Total Nonstop Action wrestler. Kim also worked for the Canadian Independent circuit for about two years. Her first ever debut in the WWE was seven women match and was a battle at the Royal in the year 2003.  Gail Kim was the first ever WWE Diva to win her championship in first ever championship itself. Pro wrestling Illustrated named Gail Kim as the number one woman wrestler in the world and in 2016; she was the first female to inductee to TNA Hall of Fame.

Jacequline Moore – A semi-retired professional wrestler, she is best known for her achievements in WWE. She began her career in professional wrestling with World Class Championship Wrestling.  She has won 14 times the USWA Women Championship. In the year 1999, she made an alliance and worked with the two, Terri Runnels and Ryan Shamrock and named this alliance as Pretty Mean Sisters.  Moore held the title which is predominantly held by the men in wrestling and won WWE cruiserweight Championship. Moore was the only woman to accomplish the feat under the WWE banner.

Elizabeth Kocianski – Born in the year 1980, well known for her ring name Beth phoenix. She is a professional wrestler and won the OVW Women’s Championship twice, the second time is not officially recognized. After her return to the Raw, WrestleMania she was constantly pushed and got a nickname then called the “The Glamazon”.  She was the second woman in the history to crack and enter the Royal Rumble’s match and she was the champion of the WWE Women’s Championship for two times. And in the year 2010, she won the title of WWE Divas Championship for the first time.

These were the top 5 female wrestlers, who were divas of the WrestleMania and have won many championships in their careers; they have given best to the WrestleMania. In spite of everything they are still the legends of the wrestling world and will always remain.

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